Adaptive Business-App Building


We allow you to white-label our software with your own unique branding, so that you can go into the market with a ready SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product!


Customize your booking flow using our customizable features. Tailor the app to suit your business needs.


Don’t spend valuable time and money on conceptualizing and building a customer app from scratch. Get it developed and hosted, with the least possible cost!

How it works

Sign In

Your customers sign up and are instantly on-boarded through a simple process of registration and authentication. We all know the value of uncomplicated on-boarding!


Depending upon your business – pickup/delivery or appointments, your customers fill out the necessary information, the app detects their location and voila! Booking done! Depending upon your needs, you can customize the information required from the customer.


Customers make their payments on your business app through secure payment gateways. They have the option of paying via credit/debit cards or cash on delivery. Transactions are automatically synced with your POS systems and the dashboard. The customer is assured secure payments and you save the effort of documenting each and every transaction.


Booking is done and the service is under way! It is common knowledge that customers hate waiting. It is not so commonly known however, that they hate not knowing how long to wait even more! Using the business app, your customers can track the status of their pickups/deliveries in real time and won’t die of frustration.


Service delivered (hopefully on-time and error-free). Now comes the time for judgement! Customer feedback is an indispensable source of ground research. A business which is responsive to feedback understands their market much better than others.. Through the business app, your customers will be able to share of reviews and ratings for your services, and you can glean new avenues for improvement!

Start Building Your own Business App for as low as $100/month

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