Complex Routing Made Easy

Manually calculating the most efficient routes for deliveries is virtually impossible – a mathematical problem called the ‘travelling salesman problem’.

Plan your day in seconds

 Leave dispatch and route planning to . Bulk import all your tasks at once. Plan and dispatch your tasks for the day within seconds. With our map-based UI, view drivers and deliveries on the map in real-time and make quick adjustments.

Efficiency with Intelligent Dispatch

You have the choice to optimize routes based on distance or time to meet your needs. Cut fuel costs by optimizing distance, and ensure on-time deliveries with time optimization. Account for real-life factors like task times, service windows, agent details etc.

Data-Driven Growth with Analytics

Monitor how many miles and minutes your decisions saved. Keep a track of your fleet’s delivery performance. Optimize resource and supply chain performance based on insightful reports, graphs and key metrics.

How it works?

Make route and schedule optimization easy

Import Orders

Assign Orders

Optimize Routes

Send Routes


Upload all your orders through an excel or CSV sheet. All the details will be used to auto plan routes for each order


Select tasks and assign to agents as per their availability and region


Using routing algorithms, best routes for each agent are displayed on the map. Every route is calculated keeping the best stop sequences into consideration


Best possible routes are sent to the concerned agents. Using the optimized routes, you can assure your customers for on-time deliveries

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