Streamline Appointments

Connect the Delivery Chain through an Intuitive Dashboard and Mobile Apps

Manage Customer Appointments

Manage incoming bookings or appointments efficiently from the Dashboard.  helps auto-assign appointments and deliveries based on comprehensive algorithms.

Personalized Form Templates

Customize existing templates for registration and booking forms, and use them for appointment capturing and appointment management.

Dynamic Invoicing

Customize SMS & Email templates for automated messaging and invoicing based on services rendered.

in Action

 Ecosystem Advantage for Beauty Services

The Dashboard is a powerful centralized control centre.

Manager View

Track beauticians, manage appointments and delight customers all in one place. Automate dispatch, notifications and invoices.

Route Optimization

Optimize routes for beauticians and delivery agents on the go to reduce their transit time.

Advanced Analytics

Empower growth strategy with key metric reports and real-time analytics

Mobile Apps for you and your Beauty Staff to operate on-the-go

Real-Time Notifications

Notify beauticians about their appointments in real-time without having to be in the office.

Appointment View

View all your appointments in list, map and calendar view on your mobile.

Share Important Information

Share notes, images and other appointment details with your beauticians.

Branded Customer Apps to facilitate Customer Loyalty

Real-Time Tracking for Customers

Transparency for customers to track the status of their appointment.

Know Your Customers

Manage a customer database, keep track of their preferences and maintain one-touch communication with them.

Reviews, Ratings and Feedback

Simple sharing of customer opinions about your services.

How It Works?

Incoming Appointments

Receive and manage all your appointments in one place.

Assign & Track Appointments

Auto-assign tasks according to availability, specialization, performance and more.

Receive Customer Feedback

Keep your customers posted, receive their reviews and ratings upon completion.


Spot sources of inefficiency in day-to-day operations, read comprehensive reports and make smarter decisions.

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