Pick-Up & Delivery Management for Laundry Businesses

Laundry Booking App

Create your own laundry booking app in the least possible time. Widen your customer base and maintain constant customer engagement

Scheduling & Automated Assignment

Auto-Assign appointments to your pick-up and delivery staff, laundry warehouse or freelancers

Location Based Management

Track pick-ups and deliveries in real-time, optimize routes and geo-fence pick-up/delivery zones, laundry spots or customer hotspots

Dynamic Automated Invoicing

Customize SMS & Email templates for automated messaging and invoicing to your customers

Recurring Appointments

Automate the assignment and scheduling of recurring laundry pick-ups and drop-offs. Simplify workflow!

Proof of Service

Choose among notes, images or signatures as advanced proof of satisfactory service on the customer’s end.

In Action

The Dashboard is a powerful centralized control centre

Manager View

View bookings, staff, laundry warehouses and customers in one place.

Real-Time Staff Alerts

Get real-time notifications for every action your delivery, laundry and freelancing staff take.

Advanced Analytics

Empower growth strategy with key metric reports and real-time analytics.

Administer permission settings for departments and organizational hierarchies

Mobile Apps for you and your Delivery Staff to operate on-the-go

Real-Time Assignment

Assign tasks without having to be in the office.

Booking Views

View all your bookings in list, map and calendar view on your mobile.

Share Important Information

Share notes, images and other task details with your staff.

Branded Customer Apps to cultivate Customer Loyalty

Real-Time Tracking for Customers

Transparency for customers to track the status of their laundry pick-up or drop-off.

Customer App Customization

Tailor the app to your needs by customizing templates, fields and booking flows.

Reviews, Ratings and Feedback

Simple sharing of customer opinions about your services.

In guarantees results

Don’t just take our word for it

How it Works

Incoming Bookings

Receive and manage bookings on the dashboard.

Assign & Track

Auto-assign pick-up, delivery or laundry according to availability, specialization, performance and more.

Notify Customers

Keep your customers posted with automated notifications.


Spot sources of inefficiency in day-to-day operations, read comprehensive reports and make smarter decisions.

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